Petition Provide accessible mental health services for deaf people in Wales.

There are currently little to no accessible mental health services for deaf people in Wales. Most organisations are telephone based & not practical. Accessing secondary mental health care such as crisis teams are also inaccessible. Online & face to face support groups are also hard to participate in.

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Many deaf people struggle with isolation and are more vulnerable to abuse. In Wales there is no service that is fully accessible to deaf people & as a result many suffer alone. Crisis charities are predominantly telephone based which is not practical. Primary & secondary care services lack accessible therapies and no safe and effective way for deaf people to communicate to their CMHT team when in distress. Professionals doing Mental health assessments also lack deaf awareness when making a diagnosis. Which can result in the wrong treatments being received. When in need of inpatient care or therapies, there is only support in England. The requirements for referrals are relatively strict, meaning many deaf people are left to struggle or transferred miles away from friends and family.

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