Rejected petition Create an Animal NHS

Introduce an Animal NHS, if only for the animals of pensioners, those on means tested benefits and for animals who present with emergencies.

If private vets could access general government funding it would allow the veterinary charities to help a new range of clients who are struggling to make ends meet.

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No animal owner could be unaware of soaring veterinary costs. One of the most prolific reasons for animal welfare prosecutions that come into The SHG is failure to seek veterinary advice, either at all, or quickly enough, even when the animal is booked in for when the next pay cheque arrives. Nearly all vets have seen animals during the last 12 months that should have been presented earlier.

Financial problems were given as the main reason in 91% of cases.

Times are hard and there are many calls on government finances but the proven benefits of animal companionship means that an Animal NHS would pay for itself many times over, if only by reducing demands on the courts and legal aid.

Wales can and must do better.

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