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I work around the UK and also run an air BnB small business from home.
Like many others, I will stay in hotels as my works requires. I see this plan to introduce a tax creating issues in several positions. The difficulty in separating nomadic working from tourism.
The strategy of penalising those who visit our country is a limit to the success of Wales. Wales relies on tourism for a significant portion of its income across all segments of the population, directly and indirectly.

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The responsibility of the level of the tax is given to regional councils, absolving the Welsh Government of any responsibility.
No clarity on the destination of the raised funds. Re- investment is a catch all phrase that does not support any kind or audit.
The collection and submission of these funds is yet to be detailed, if so what penalties could be faced for any deemed inaccuracies? The sums may be useful to support Wales, but this is not the way to underpin the industry as a whole.
Bringing more people will ensure hospitality booms, the parallel in tax revenue raised by the inflation of earnings will be far more than the proposed ‘few pounds’.
Wales should be promoted to the world, instead we see continual efforts to revert to a short sighted utopian version of of the meme era of the Senedd. Save Wales, or watch it wither.

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