Completed petition Stop the change of speed limits to 20mph on 17th September.

This decision is not representative of the broader public opinion and as such, it is not democratic to implement the changes. An alteration to road laws on this scale should be subject to much more extensive polling or possibly as part of a Welsh referendum on the matter.

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The use of speed bumps and 20mph zones in built-up areas and near schools is a generally accepted practice for the safety of children and adults. The widening of these measures could lead to an increase in "road rage" incidents and currently appears to be nothing more than a revenue stream for people to pay fines when they are caught speeding (when they are traveling at a safe speed).

I am yet to see an opinion supporting the changes, I have asked multiple people locally and read the comments left by many people online. It was the negative response to the changes that prompted the creation of this petition.

The new speed changes will disproportionately affect the commute times of people traveling by road for work, especially in areas where most roads are currently 30mph and have no bypass roads with higher speed limits.

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This topic was debated on 28 June 2023

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The petition was debated by the Senedd in Plenary on 28 June 2023.