Closed petition Stop Natural Resources Wales from tree felling that threatens red squirrel survival

In 2021, Petition P-06-1208 was debated by the Senedd to get new laws to protect red squirrel habitat. The petition also highlighted how NRW NW Area had failed to monitor squirrel populations in Newborough and Pentraeth forests on Anglesey. Subsequent research revealed precipitous declines in Newborough forest associated with too much timber cutting.

Now in Gwynedd, NRW are once again tree felling without squirrel data; once again suggesting that vague 'internal guidance' can make up for this

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It is baffling that in NE Wales, NRW can successfully integrate red squirrel conservation into commercial forest management yet next door in the West it is a relentless shambles.

Red squirrels in Gwynedd have been devastated by Squirrelpox virus. 10,000 people signed Petition to 'Fund vaccine research to protect red squirrels from deadly Squirrelpox virus'.

Now the few surviving red squirrels face the lottery of NRW blindly cutting down their homes. Given the tourism value of red squirrels (£1 Million to the Welsh economy per year), the well-being value of the species and the numerous Government commitments to conserve populations, why is it a constant battle with the NRW NW Area?

Is it any wonder that 1 in 6 species are at risk of extinction?

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