Closed petition Re-open railway lines to connect the north and south of Wales

Travelling between the North and the South of Wales is always a long journey, especially when using the railway. If a person is traveling between the Bangor and Cardiff, one has to go outside of Wales on rail to be able to complete the journey.

Wales needs to be connected internally by rail. The plan to do this would be to reopen the Bangor - Afon-wen and Aberystwyth to Carmarthen lines, and integrating them with the Cambrian railway, and the line from Carmarthen on to Cardiff

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What this petition is specifically asking for is:

- A Scoping and Feasibility study for the Bangor to Afon-wen Line
- Commitment to spend any funding for the railways from Westminster on reinstating the railway lines
- Develop a blueprint of the rail route between Bangor and Cardiff on the proposed route
- Look at other routes within Wales that would be beneficial on a national and local level to reopen

If we are looking to develop the infrastructure in Wales, and to use a greener method of travel, reinstating and reopening this railway would be a step in the right direction, and would be beneficial for all the communities situated along the railway, as well as for Wales as a nation.

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