Petition To ensure all parents of newly born children receive information about children’s rights directly

Children have rights. It’s important that parents are informed of what rights children have, such as rights to education and health care, the right to play, the right to family life and the right to be kept safe. But most parents are not informed of these rights or where to go for information and advice. The Welsh Government have formally adopted the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child but we need to tell people what this means in their daily life on a direct effective basis.

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An effective and direct way of providing information to all parents would be when they register their child’s birth. Cardiff County Council have already adopted such an approach and other local authorities and children’s organisations have expressed an interest in the idea. I call on the Welsh Government to ensure a consistent approach is taken across Wales to provide families with essential information to ensure children’s rights are actively promoted and accessed, regardless of which local authority families live. And then every child in Wales will have the same opportunity to live a full and prosperous life as the rest.

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