Rejected petition Lift all restrictions on care homes when Covid is present, to ensure residents have quality of life.

Elderly care home residents have had their lives restricted for over three years. The average life expectancy once an elderly person has moved to a care home is less than three years. This means that far too many residents have already passed away while living their final months/years not being able to see their loved ones. Restrictions in England have been relaxed since October 2022 whilst care home residents in Wales continue to have contact with loved ones limited when Covid is present.

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Welsh Government and PHW guidance set restriction when Covid is present in a care home. This limits vital contact with family and friends to two designated visitors.
Outdoor activities may also be restricted if other residents have Covid, even though many of the population are now wandering around with the virus. Our elderly need to leave the home for their mental wellbeing.
In a care home recently, over 20 residents had Covid, and restrictions were put in place. In accordance with guidance, only residents with symptoms must be tested. It was later found that there were residents and staff who were asymptomatic meaning that if the care home had not tested everyone themselves, the residents could have been isolated for many months. Not one resident died or was hospitalised with the virus.
The Welsh Government should provide free LFTs to enable asymptomatic staff and residents to be tested too.
It is time to let the elderly live out the remainder of their lives free to do as they choose.

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