Petition Re-open Dyfi Ward at Tywyn Hospital now

We are devastated by Betsi Cadwaladr’s decision to ‘temporarily’ close the inpatient ward at Tywyn Hospital. We want it reopened now.
The action to close this ward without any consultation or notice is premeditated and lacks transparency; it is a misappropriation of our community’s public service.
Please show us support by signing the petition. Diolch am eich cefnogaeth.

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Staff and patients were told on Thursday that they would be moved to Dolgellau hospital by Tuesday.
No notice, no consultation, no discussion, no rationale.
If staff didn’t want to move to Dolgellau they would not have a job. Tywyn is a new hospital which has excellent equipment and facilities. Our hospital has superb staff working there. Our relatives and friends have been provided with the best possible care you could wish for.
The health board have said that it is unable to recruit sufficient staff to fill posts. We want to see what evidence the health board have to show that they ever actively recruited staff for our hospital.
This hospital is a vital resource in our community. Please support our cause.

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