Rejected petition Establish The Mid Wales Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

I urge the Senedd in the strongest possible terms to support the establishment of the Mid Wales AONB to cover the entire Welsh Wye Watershed (rivers - Irfon, Ithon, Elan, etc) and to apply whatever pressure you can on Natural Resources Wales to bring this about as soon as possible.

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I am very concerned about the threat posed to the Mid Wales landscape and environment by the proposal to erect 60 miles of high voltage pylons to service an uncertain number of wind farms and urge you to do something about safeguarding our countryside.

There might be mixed opinions about the wind turbines but everyone is opposed to the pylons. I think the best chance of stopping the pylons (burying the cables instead if it has to happen) and curtailing the freedom of the planners to permit planning permission for wind farms and intensive poultry units indiscriminately and without due consideration for the landscape and the environment, would be to create the Mid Wales Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Why was this petition rejected?

There’s already a petition about this issue. We cannot accept a new petition when we already have one about a very similar issue, or if the Petitions Committee has considered one in the last year.

The Petitions Committee has recently considered a petition on this issue:
Protect Mid-Wales’ unique Cambrian Mountains: designate them an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Details of the Committee’s previous consideration of this issue can be found here:

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