Rejected petition Use Welsh place names in all official capacities, even as part of English language communication.

Many place names in Cymru have been given English language equivalents. This petition seeks to continue the work done by Bannau Brycheiniog and Eryri National Parks to promotes those areas’ culture and heritage.

The anglicisation of Welsh place names reflects the historical discouragement of the Welsh language. The Senedd should instead show its commitment to the Welsh language by removing English language place names equivalents from official use.

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Although one may argue that place names in both Welsh and English better reflects Welsh heritage, given the Cymru’s history, this petition argues that it instead anglicises Cymru’s history, given that the English equivalents are the most commonly used. Places for which Welsh names do not exist should not be altered, but instead should remain in English. This approach better reflects the joint Welsh and English language history of Wales, rather than the continued use of the translated names of places.

The expectation is not to instantaneously replace all signage and communication to include only Welsh place names, the practical implications of such an approach make this unlikely to be possible. Instead, this petition is written in the hope that the Senedd’s policy is to only include Welsh place names over the longer term. All new official signage and communication should include only the Welsh language names.

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