Petition Decline planning permission for the development planned proposed as Parc Solar Caenewydd.

Decline planning permission for the development planned proposed as Parc Solar Caenewydd; on farm land at the farm known as Penyfodau Fawr Farm, Swansea, SA4 4LN and surrounding areas.
This development will result in 99% of the farm being covered in solar panels. The resulting visual impact will be negative on an approach route close to the Gower AONB.

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It will have a negative impact on green space, with a loss of land used for agricultural production.
Not only will natural beauty be affected; there will be a loss of ancient rights of way; ground nesting birds will be affected as well as migration routes of bird species.
There will also be a loss of a vital public farm shop.This project can not be allowed to progress.
Loss of a vital farm will occur; a farm that provides vital services to the local community.
Loss of green space.
Animal habitats will be affected.
Whilst this project may be proposed as one that meets the criteria for green renewable energy; it can not be allowed to go ahead. The resulting impact to local farming; wild life and the community far outweighs the need for this project.
We the undersigned of this petition formally request that this project not be allowed to be approved in any form of development.

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