Petition We want farm subsidies to be extended to small scale and market gardeners.

Most farmers receive around 50% of their income from government subsidies. This means they have enough money to make a living from farming and they can continue to grow food. Most farms are large but small farms (1-5 hectare) are more productive and tend to grow fruits and vegetables for local markets. These currently are not eligible for subsidies, due to their size, which is unfair and shows a lack of support for local, seasonal food growing.

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This petition is inspired by OurFood1200. They want to build farming that:

Is small-scale, highly productive and commercially viable.

Helps provide food security in South Wales.

Gives the asset poor, particularly our young people, a chance to access land and start a regenerative farming enterprise.

Promotes community through local trading and shared community ownership of our landscape – a “foundational economy”.

Is regenerative: purposefully building biodiversity, fixing carbon in the soil, and avoiding harmful chemicals and pollution.

Creates short local supply chains that keep profits local and at a scale that opens new opportunities to all local farmers.

Provides communities with opportunities for education, training and mental wellbeing support

Encourages healthy eating by making fresh, nutritious, locally grown fruit and veg available to everyone in our region.

Reduces the impact of our food and drink consumption on carbon emissions and deforestation across the world.

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