Closed petition Introduce regulation of the dog grooming sector, to protect the welfare of dogs and rights of owners

We believe that the establishment of clear guidelines, licensing requirements, and industry standards will aid the welfare and safety of dogs during grooming procedures. There's no regulatory framework at all of the sector, whether at local authority or national level. It doesn't fall within the oversight of any charity or the RSPCA.
The last 3 years has seen an exponential growth in dog ownership and the businesses that service their needs. Establishing standards is long overdue.

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1. Animal Welfare: It is imperative to prioritize the well-being and humane treatment of dogs. Regulation will promote responsible ownership, minimise stress levels, and reduce potential harm/injury caused by unqualified/negligent groomers.
2.Training/Certification: Unregulated dog grooming has lead to untrained individuals operating without the necessary knowledge of breed-specific needs, hygiene practices, handling, or grooming procedures. A minimum standard of Animal First Aid should be a pre-requisite component.
3. Health and Safety: Minimum health and safety guidelines to maintain a safe environment. Correct sanitation, grooming equipment maintenance and compliance with hygiene protocols, crucial in preventing the spread of infections/parasites/diseases.
4. Licensing/Inspection: Training/insurance verification and compliance with health and safety regulations.
5. Setting standards: Regulation offers owners an assurance of standards by identifying qualified practitioners.

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