Closed petition Intervene in the development of the Penrhos Coastal Park into a holiday resort in Anglesey.

History eventually repeats itself, in 1957 Welsh MPs fought against the erasure of Tryweryn and yet, the plan to turn the Welsh village into a water resource for Liverpool went ahead.

Today, Land & Lakes aim to build a new holiday park over the Coast that houses endangered species and was granted planning permission by the council. Despite long efforts by organisations and members of the community to prevent the development, the council has not revoked permission.

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Penrhos Coastal park is a historic site in Wales, with parts of the forestry dating back to the 18th century and is home to a diverse species of flora and fauna.

The Coastal Park is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The woodland houses badgers, foxes, newts, and red squirrels. In recent years, the native red squirrel has been in a state of rapid decline in the UK - habitat loss has aided in the decline. This is due to development plans destroying and separating the natural woodlands in this case, forcing the endangered species to a previous waste ground to which, we cannot guarantee the safety of these species.

Our land was promised to be protected back in 2021, it's now time to enact that promise. Welsh land and history is unique therefore, why are we allowing the destruction of the foundations of Wales?

- North Wales Chronicle. (2022). Anglesey nature reserve set to be ‘relocated’ to toxic waste dump to make way for holiday park.

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