Closed petition Introduce a vape licence for dedicated vape shops.

Lack of training and a licence can cause unsuitable products and illegal devices to be sold, which can be dangerous and hinder the chances of becoming a non-smoker. There are also fake and illegal vape products that are not compliant with UK regulations in circulation, which is a danger to the public. Licenced premises authorised to sell vape products should lower this as they buy directly from licensed suppliers, so they won't be fakes, bought cheaply on the black market to make a quick buck.

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We want Vape products to be sold by licensed vape dedicated shops with trained staff who specialise in vape products, all aspects of vaping, NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy), including product knowledge to enable them to work with the public to ensure a more successful quit smoking rate.

Currently Vape shops are compliant and meet Trading Standards requirements to trade. Many staff are qualified NCSCT Non Smoking Practitioners to ensure a working knowledge of all NRT and advise accordingly

Parents are unhappy as some retailers are selling vape products to under 18s. This hinders the vape industry as they work towards a smokefree Wales. Vaping is a stepping stone from smoking, it's not something they should be introduced to at such a young age.

With such a high success rate in the vaping industry helping people quit smoking, the industry needs to be recognized and a licence needs to be introduced to ensure safety is met and vapes are sold responsibly.

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