Rejected petition Instruct welsh police forces to adhere to the law with people who are social media auditing

Poor programming on tv led me to social media and Youtube when i came across Police Auditors , after doing some research i came across the guidelines issued by the NPCC
the greatest proportion of police officer shown totally ignore these guidelines such an extent that police forces are paying out large sums of money, the rising popularity social media means they are seen more often and the poor police conduct further undermines public trust of the police as recent event surely highlight

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The poor police conduct is UK wide and some auditors are much less polite than they could be but without breaking the law, i choose not to watch/ follow these but still the ones who are polite and forthcoming are still treated very poorly because they have a camera and are in the vicinity of police stations/ officers, below are a couple of examples
I have purposely picked one carried out in wales and would like to point out that the better auditors do show both the Good and Bad interactions

This is getting to be a serious problem ignoring it will not make it better, having watched a lot of these videos it is easy to see the auditors are losing patience and the police are becoming more aggressive

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that the Senedd or Welsh Government is not responsible for.

This would be a matter for the UK Home Office – policing is reserved by paragraph 41 of Schedule 7A to GoWA 2006.

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