Closed petition Hold an unbiased survey of the residents who live in the 20mph speed limit pilot scheme areas

From summer 2021 the Welsh government introduced a pilot scheme to reduce the default speed limit in urban areas from 30mph to 20 mph. The trial was brought in in several areas around Wales. These areas were
Abergavenny, Monmouthshire; Central North, Cardiff; Severnside, Monmouthshire; Buckley, Flintshire; Cilfriw Village, Neath and Port Talbot; St Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire; St Brides Major, Vale of Glamorgan; and Llanelli North, Carmarthenshire.

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From 17th September 2023 the 20mph reduced speed limit in urban areas has become law nationally.
However no one has asked the people who have lived in the trial areas what their opinions of the trial were, or if they believe the trial was a success or failure, whether the speed limit was adhered to or ignored, if it was policed or not. No one has asked learner drivers or young drivers with speed monitor devices fitted how they coped with the speed change. No one has asked people who work in these areas how it has effected them . No one has asked business owners if they believe the speed limit change has effected their business or customer base. Information like this surely is crucial to understanding how well the pilot worked or did not work. Therefore I'm petitioning for the Welsh government to introduce a survey of residents and businesses within the pilot scheme areas to be introduced, including a section for people to give their opinions of and suggestions about the scheme.

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