Closed petition Make this a condition of employment for MSs - they must use only public transport for all travel.

The current anti-car, anti-motorist agenda is against the wishes of the people of Wales. We need our cars. We need to go faster than 20mph. Public transport in Wales is too slow, not at the times we need it, not to enough destinations, not reliable, not affordable, not viable for taking heavy equipment. MSs need to be forced to use it for every journey so they sort it out for everyone. They should not be allowed to travel by car. They should experience the frustration of Wales' transport system.

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The Senedd keeps making it harder for us to live our lives using cars. Their new 20mph scheme is causing businesses to work longer and harder, families spend less time together because parents and children now have to allow extra time to get to work and school. Carers can't see patients for as long. The Senedd says they want to encourage use of public transport, but it's not fit for purpose. People who work odd hours with heavy equipment can't travel by public transport. Rural areas aren't served. There aren't any public toilets at most bus shelters or train stops. MSs need to experience reality of life without a car. The First Minister must not be allowed to have a chauffeur driven car while he preaches cycling.

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