Rejected petition Vote of no-confidence in Welsh Labour Government

The introduction of the 20mph scheme has seen massive backlash in Wales for the first time in years. The lack of democratic processes that have been undertaken before, during and after the implementation has shown this government do not listen to its people. The lack of consultation from Cardiff centrics shows a lack of commitment to all of Wales. After the trial, despite massive backlash and disgust, the Welsh government displayed their authoritarianism. Now, our views are ignored again.

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The implementation of the 20mph coincided with the proposal to increase the number of seats in the Sennedd. Why on earth would the Welsh people want more of their hard earned money going to MSs who will simply not listen to the people. The Alyn and Deeside MS, Jack Sergeant, has not once engaged with the trial area and has instead aligned with his political position to better himself. He has not served his constituency at all. There is now backlash in his home town. I'm sure the people of Wales do not wish to see their money being put towards the salaries of more incompetent politicians like Sargent. This country is currently being led by white men who wish to line their pockets with more money and dictate Draconian rules upon the people they serve. In Buckley, there have not been any major incidents for years. The last being on Mold Road many years ago. This naive government must go to the country to see if they can continue with their policies and be more transparent going forward.

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