Closed petition Stop the flooding in Caenant Terrace, Skewen NOW!

For the last 40 or so years, Caenant has regularly suffered flooding because the culvert and the drainage system can't cope with the amount of water and again, the terrace has been turned into a river with thousands of gallons of water pouring down the road and back lane. One house has suffered substantial flooding in this latest breach.

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The council have been telling us residents for years that it will be fixed, but we've now had enough and are petitioning to ensure that:
1. Neath-Port Talbot Council to agree a solution that eliminates the risk of this regular flooding occurring again; and
2. The Welsh Government ensures that funding is provided to deliver the work as soon as possible.
The drainage officer stated yesterday that the system isn't fit for purpose, and we urge all responsible bodies to take action now.

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