Closed petition Create a sustainable traffic plan for the Rhiangoll Valley

1. Reduced speed limits through the village of Cwmdu to 30mph and 20mph past the pub, houses and playground.
2. Enforcement of exhaust noise regulations with the installation of monitoring and enforcement cameras at both ends of the A479.
3. Creation of a weight limit for the full length of the road to ensure vibration from heavy freight causes no further damage to historic buildings.
4. Installation of routes for healthy and environmentally sustainable travel such as walking and cycling.

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The Rhiangoll Valley is served by a main road called the A479 which runs from south to north starting at the Nant y Ffin junction near Crickhowell and ending in Talgarth.
The bends in the road and scenic views attract motorcycles and cars in the summer who often speed and cause sustained periods of excess noise from loud exhausts.
There are very limited opportunities for sustainable travel such as cycling on the A479 due to the speed and many blind bends in the road. There have been complaints of damage to buildings caused by vibration from heavy freight travelling through the villages and past houses near to the road. There are very limited opportunities for speed enforcement in the traditional and accepted ways due to the topography of the road.
The residents demand action against excess speed, exhaust noise and heavy freight. The residents also demand safe ways to sustainably travel around and between their communities.

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