Closed petition Install a roundabout, not traffic lights, at fatal Nash Junction, Pembrokeshire.

The Welsh Government has approved traffic lights instead of a roundabout to be installed at the fatal Nash Junction in Pembrokeshire junction, following many collisions and the death of a young motorcyclist.

Roundabout - Many residents of Pembrokeshire and also the Council feel a roundabout would be more appropriate, considering Irish Ferry traffic and that it is the main road for the south of the county.

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Pembrokeshire County Council felt that a roundabout would be a more appropriate solution, as do many Pembrokeshire inhabitants, however the Welsh Government rejected their request for a roundabout, approving traffic lights for the junction instead.

Traffic lights will cause major delays for the county’s working and travelling citizens. A roundabout would be more appropriate, and land has already been approved by the local council for the development.

We would like to petition for a more appropriate and community supported roundabout to be installed.

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