Closed petition Hold a Wales-wide Public Poll to establish the true level of public support for the 20mph limit.

Public opinion throughout both social and mainstream media now shows that the vast majority of the people of Wales are strongly against the new 20mph limit. Yet despite this, the Welsh Government insists it has the support of the majority. Official surveys to date are from very limited numbers in specific areas and can in no way be taken as representative of the feelings of the entire Welsh population.

Claimed support is now widely seen as nothing more than statistical manipulation.

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The public now has no faith in these claims and in the interest of credibility the truth needs to be established.

In my view refusing to allow the people of Wales to voice their opinion on something that has such a massive impact on every aspect of their lives is undemocratic, authoritarian, and insultingly dismissive of the people. There has to be complete openness and honesty in the level of support this 20mph limit really has and this can only be achieved by giving all the people of Wales the opportunity to voice their opinions.

A Wales-wide Public Poll is the only democratic way to establish beyond doubt to both the Welsh Government and the population of Wales what the true level of support really is.

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