Closed petition A Beacon of Hope at Risk: Please Support Bronllys Well-Being Community Hub!

We call on the Welsh Government to:
-Support the transfer of underutilised land at Bronllys Community Hospital site to Bronllys Well Being Park CLT Ltd for a nominal sum to develop a community well-being hub.
-Encourage Powys Teaching Health Board to respond to community issues and concerns with respect, transparency, and support for the proposed community-led initiative.
-Embrace the long-term objectives of this carefully researched proposal, which aims to improve local people’s lives.

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The land surrounding BCH has remained vacant for over a century. It is at risk of being sold to developers.

A community-led organisation with nearly 700 members, Bronllys Well Being Park CLT Ltd (BWBP) has tirelessly worked to collaborate with PTHB to explore the transfer of unused land for community development. Regrettably, PTHB has repeatedly failed to engage in meaningful discussions or provide a clear plan for its future use.

Our vision is to create a Community Well-Being Hub in Bronllys, with BCH as its centre, to address the needs and aspirations of our local community. It would set the standard for genuine community involvement, future readiness, and long-term sustainability.

Numerous feasibility studies, including one conducted by The Prince's Foundation, validate the benefits of repurposing unused BCH land this way. This proposal has garnered widespread support from the community, civic leaders, and political figures.

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