Closed petition Re-instate core funding for TRAC Cymru (Music Traditions Wales / Traddodiadau Cerdd Cymru)

TRAC was formed to promote and draw attention to Wales’ folk music and dance traditions, so that they might be supported on a par with other classical and contemporary music and cultural genres.

Great strides have been made in recent decades to nurture Welsh folk culture and promote Wales on an international level. Despite this, Arts Council Wales have decided to remove TRAC's core funding, rendering them unable to carry on their vital work. We demand that this funding be re-instated.

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Wales’ traditional arts are a foundation stone in our nation’s identity. Our music, song, dance, and storytelling carry and express our distinctive culture and way of life. These are traditions which have been kept alive for centuries by the every day folk of Wales, with very little recognition or support from central government.

TRAC was founded in 1997 by a group of folk musicians and supporters who shared a belief in the importance & value of our traditional culture, an awareness of its continuing relevance to the present, and a passion for sharing what music traditions have to offer.

Without support, these traditional forms loose out investment and focus to classical and contemporary forms of music making, and are in danger of becoming museum pieces rather than a living folk tradition which informs our contemporary culture and sense of identity.

Much progress has been made in recent decades to redress the balance, but the removal of TRAC's core funding presents a real threat.

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