Closed petition We ask the Welsh Government to reverse its decision to stop T2 buses calling at Garndolbenmaen

On 5th November 2023 a new bus timetable was introduced by the Welsh Government and all the T2 buses which pass through Garndolbenmaen were withdrawn and T2 buses are by-passing the village.
The ability of people in Garndolbenmaen to travel to work, to school or to hospital appointments will be all but impossible.
There has been no consultation whatsoever with the people of Garndolbenmaen on these changes to the T2 bus service.

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Most of these problems could be resolved with virtually no extra cost if the T2 service was retained to Garndolbenmaen. This would require only an extra 8 minute detour (less than two extra miles) if all the T2 buses were to continue to call at Garndolbenmaen. The minor extra expenditure would be mitigated by the avoidance of public expenditure on paying for taxi fares for school students and those people on low incomes who travel to Ysbyty Gwynedd for appointments. It would also restore a useful bus service between Garndolbenmaen and Cricieth which is now included in the new T2 bus route.
This practical proposal to resolve the problem has already been suggested by local councillor Steve Churchman, and it would be helpful if others would also support this campaign for the T2 service to be retained for the people of Garndolbenmaen.

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