Rejected petition Prioritize housing development on brown field sites over green field. Blaenoriaethu maesydd brown

More and more of our green fields are being developed across Wales for new housing developments affecting our wildlife and increasing flood risks.
Brown field sites such as city or town centres should be developed with change of use for housing considered and developed firstly to reduce the impact on wildlife

Mae ein ffermydd a’n caeau gwyrdd yn diflannu ar gyfer adeiladu tai newydd. Ddylsai maesydd brown yn ein trefi a dinasoedd cael ei blaenoriaethu mewn unrhyw datblygiadau.

Why was this petition rejected?

We can't publish petitions when the request is something that's already happening or something that has been announced since you started your petition. We think your petition is covered by Government or Senedd action already. If you'd like something else, you could start a new petition clearly explaining what it is.

The Welsh Government's planning policy states that 'Previously developed (also referred to as brownfield) land should, wherever possible, be used in
preference to greenfield sites where it is suitable for development.' Further information is available in Planning Policy Wales

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