Petition Fully involve and engage Welsh citizens in decisions about net zero policies and lead by example

Policy decisions are made to reduce carbon emissions in response to climate change. These will impact whether we use cars to travel in the future, and place emphasis on using public transport, cycling or walking, whilst making it more costly and difficult for motorists. This is a real challenge when living in a rural area when you need to travel to work, medical appointments, supporting and visiting family and friends, never mind if you are disabled or suffer from poor health/mobility.

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Whilst we’re being punished for using our cars through increasing costs, I call for all public servants in the Welsh Government and the Senedd to lead by example and walk, cycle or take public transport. Of course there will be exceptions such as when there is no public transport available or to ensure individual’s safety.

We call for
1. better engagement and involvement on such important policies
2. elected representatives and public sector workers to lead by example and be required to use public transport when travelling with work.

We urge you - sign this petition today! Let us ensure that those who represent us understand the reality of dealing with day-to-day life while under the undemocratic imposition of a range anti car measures and net zero policies without any thought or consideration on the negative impact on our daily and future lives using our hard earned money.

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