Petition Provide Pelvic Radiation Disease treatment for cancer patients

Cancer is so common that more than one in two people will have cancer at some time in their life. Radiotherapy is one of the main treatments for most cancers. It’s successful treatment can causes damage in many surrounding organs often many months or years or decades latter.

Pelvic radiation is one of the main areas where late onset effects can cause debilitating symptoms with damage to the bladder, bowel and reproductive organs.
With the symptoms being so debilitating we need treatment.

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There are no specialists treating Pelvic Radiation Disease in Wales but 1 in 4 pelvic radiotherapy patients will suffer PRD.
The Pelvic Radiation Disease Association is trying to help get treatment for all pelvic cancer patients across the UK. Wales currently has none.
I want Wales to provide this treatment for me and other cancer patients with PRD to treat these painful debilitating symptoms from radiation damage to the bones, bowel, bladder & reproductive organs after radiotherapy. We need this treatment to be able live rather than just exist in pain at home on the toilet.

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