Petition To urge Welsh Government to reconsider the use of BMI in the Healthy Child Wales Programme

Wales' current method of weighing children in classrooms and relying on BMI for health assessments is flawed. BMI can't differentiate between muscle and fat or account for growth variations. International best practices prioritise comprehensive health assessments over BMI. This petition urges the Welsh Government to adopt evidence-based methods for a more effective and holistic approach to child health assessments, promoting positive body images and healthier lifestyles.

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Wales' reliance on BMI for child health assessments needs re-evaluation. BMI, insufficient in distinguishing muscle from fat, overlooks individual growth variations. Studies recommend alternatives like the waist-to-height ratio for more accurate assessments (McCarthy et al., 2006; Ashwell & Gibson, 2016).

Globally, the shift from BMI-centric models to comprehensive health assessments is evident in countries like Portugal, aligning with WHO guidelines (Gouveia et al., 2019; WHO, 2021). Embracing evidence-based alternatives promotes positive body images and prioritizes overall well-being over weight alone (Daniels, 2009).

This petition urges the Welsh Government to update the Healthy Child Wales Programme School Entry Review and the Child Measurement Programme for Wales. By incorporating evidence-based methods into child health assessments, Wales can pioneer a more accurate, comprehensive, and internationally recognised approach, prioritising the well-being of its youth.

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