Petition Support Welsh Farmers and ensure that farmers can continue their work of feeding the nation.

Welsh farmers have been farming the Welsh countryside for hundreds of generations, producing the highest quality food to feed the nation and farming with the environment to ensure our natural resources are flourishing. The current Welsh Government are putting policies in place that will decimate the agricultural industry here in Wales. Farmers feel like they are being left stranded, with no hope and a bleak future if current policies are not changed and drastically improved.
Support Welsh farmers by overturning the current policies mentioned and listening to farmers.

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The Welsh Government are forcing unsustainable rules on farmers, they are forcing many farmers out of business and they are refusing to listen to farmers, their concerns and their worries for the future.
The Wales wide Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) are putting added unnecessary costs on farming businesses, without any evidence that they will improve the outcomes the Government insists they will, based on little or no evidence.
The Government is using TB regulations as a political tool and not utilising the scientific evidence available to eradicate this horrible disease. The science and evidence from England clearly states that a unified approach is necessary and that badger culling does work and is working over the border.
The Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS) is putting over 5,500 direct jobs at risk of being lost due to this policy, by the Government's own admission, yet they fail to mention this to the public.
For every £1 spent on Agriculture, there is a £9 return to the economy.

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