Petition Make Pet Abduction a Specific Criminal Offence in Wales

Pets are family. Their abduction a traumatic experience. Despite this, stolen pets are regarded as personal property, with sentences dependent on monetary value.

In England and Northern Ireland, the Pet Abduction Bill 2024 will recognise the emotional and welfare impacts this crime has on people and pets. Dog abduction and cat abduction will become offences carrying a maximum prison sentence of five years. The Dog Abduction (Scotland) Bill is also being considered.

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Wales has chosen not to introduce a pet abduction offence. Stolen dogs and cats will continue to be low priority as property theft in Wales. If caught, the sentence will generally be a small fine or suspended sentence.

We urge the Senedd to enact Pet Theft Reform in Wales by introducing a specific 'pet abduction' offence.

With the introduction of more specific penalties in England and Northern Ireland, pets in Wales risk becoming greater targets for thieves. We must offer our pets and their families the same level of security as other parts of the UK.

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