Petition Reduce the spoken element of the Welsh GCSE qualification for pupils with selective mutism

The Welsh GCSE qualification is assessed on 50% spoken elements.

Pupils in Wales who suffer with selective mutism (SM) face incredible anxiety to complete the spoken elements of the Welsh GCSE. Many will fail the qualification due to not being able to speak in school or they will not be entered to do the GCSE at all.

Suffers of SM in Wales are therefore disadvantaged based on their disability and no adjustments can be made to assist them in gaining the qualification.

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Selective mutism is an extreme anxiety disorder which affects a person's ability to communicate in certain situations.
You can read more about selective mutism here -

Suffers of selective mutism can be removed from spoken element of the English GCSE and spoken element of modern foreign language GCSEs. They instead gain more marks from written exams and assessments. This is not possible in the Welsh GCSE because such a high percentage of the mark is based on speaking.

A sufferer of selective mutism can currently gain a Spanish GCSE based purely on the written work, but they can’t do the same for a Welsh GCSE. This includes pupils who are attending all of their education in Welsh medium schools - showing they have clear understanding and ability in the language.

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