Petition Stop pollution at Watchtower Bay and Ogmore by Sea

Watch House Bay and Ogmore by Sea were both classified as new designated bathing waters in 2023.

Now both beaches have not met the minimum requirements for bathing water quality and were the only two bathing sites in Wales to be classified as ‘poor’ in what the Welsh Government has described as “disappointing”.
Rather than putting up signs warning people not to swim at these beaches, the Council, Welsh Water and Welsh Government should be taking action to prevent this pollution.

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We have been campaigning for a number of years about the sewage pollution entering the Old Harbour and Watchtower Bay in Barry.
We have identified human sewage outfall pipes and the outfall pipe from the Knap lake, which has a large resident population of swans and geese, as probably being the main cause of this pollution.
This water needs to be treated in retention tanks before releasing into the marine environment.
We need action to stop the pollution on both Watchtower Bay and Ogmore by Sea... just stop the crap!
We will be ending this petition on World Oceans Day on Saturday 8th June 2024...we desperately need to protect our Oceans!

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