Petition Introduce routine testing for Strep B in all pregnant women across Wales.

Undiagnosed Strep B during pregnancy is not harmful to the Mother, however it can have serious consequences for the newborn baby (during pregnancy and through labour). Strep B can cause premature birth, Pneumonia, Septicaemia and Meningitis.
Routine testing could help expecting mothers to receive a simple course of antibiotics helping to prevent these life-threatening conditions.

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According to the NHS, 2-4 women in every 10 carry Group B Strep and there is a small risk that it can be spread to the baby during labour and make them ill. The NHS quote that this can occur in 1 in 1750 pregnancies.
There is a risk of miscarriage or loss of baby.

If there is a chance to save even one baby, then routine testing will be worthwhile and prevent families going through similar heartache and loss.

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