Closed petition Calling Welsh Government to provide urgent mental health support for New Dads

Fathers with perinatal mental health problems are up to 47% more likely the risk to be rated as a suicide risk than at any other time in their lives (Quevedo et al, 2010).
New research also shows that a new father has a 22% risk of anxiety and depression during the perinatal period. Birth Trauma effects at least 30,000 women in the UK and fathers are witnessing the trauma and not getting help for PTSD. Fathers also go through baby loss and need to support the baby on neonatal wards.
We want the Welsh Government to set up support for fathers in perinatal mental health teams across Wales. We also want fathers to receive support with finance up to six weeks.

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There is a report that is coming out on birth trauma that I am part of with Theo Clarke MP on fathers and birth trauma. Please look at Fathers Reaching Out - Why Dads Matter in 2020 with all the recommendations for better supporting fathers. Supporting all new parents for their mental health has far better outcomes for the whole family, including the baby. If we don't include fathers we are at risk of mothers being effected, Adverse Child Experience (ACEs), Substance Abuse, Relationship Breakdowns, Crisis in other services and not getting to the root cause. One of the biggest killers in men is suicide and with the high risk in new fathers this is urgent. Paternal Mental Health is one of the leading causes of suicide, but we don't screen and support fathers in 2024.

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