Petition Comprehensively review NRW and its failure to deliver its statutory obligations to protect Wales

For more than a decade, I believe that the agency mandated to protect the Welsh environment has seen a decline in its capacity to undertake its statutory purpose.
Polluted Welsh rivers (the arteries of the natural world) should be rescued and given a new lease of life.
A comprehensive review of failing prosecutions and inaction needs to take place in order to protect Wales for future generations.

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The vast majority of NRW staff work diligently to protect the Welsh environment with the resources they have.
Over complicating matters and undertaking unnecessary projects leads to reduced financial means and a lack of action in priority areas.
We call on the Welsh Government to undertake a comprehensive review of how projects are resourced and to eliminate wasteful spending to maximise results on the basic issues we face in the Welsh environment today.
This includes, but is not limited to, the protection and restoration of Welsh river systems for the benefit of the natural world and the people who enjoy them.

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