Petition Provide a pedestrian crossing on A4042 Llanover; make safe for bus users and reduce the speed limit.

The busy A4042 runs directly through the heritage village of Llanover. Residents and visitors need to cross the road to use the bus service, access the amenity of the Mon and Brecon Canal and visit the renown Llanover Gardens which open to the public at intervals through the year. The speed limit is currently 40mph. Residents of all ages do not feel safe to use the bus service. The village attracts visitors at all times of the year. The bus stops are located near to the garden entrance.

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Llanover is a Monmouthshire village steeped in Welsh history. The character of this village can be envisaged through its street scene. The road that goes through it is winding. The buildings themselves are characterised by the walls that bound them. Each building is unique. Llanover House and gardens is also bounded by stone walls.
SWTRA have recognised the danger in this twisty road that is bounded on both sides by stone walls and have double white lined the carriageways to discourage overtaking.
The speed limit remains at 40 mph. The bus stops are located near the gates to Llanover gardens. Traffic enters the village from the south where the National Speed limit applies - often without slowing sufficiently. The speed limit changes down to 40mph only c.100 metres from the bus stops. This is where a crossing is most needed and would be the logical location. Large lorries and tractors pass through the village. The walls have a funnelling effect and the backdraft is significant.

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