Petition Wind farm developments are akin to the drowning of Welsh valleys and old slate industry. Stop them.

The exploitation of wild Welsh hilltops for the use of giant coal mining companies and other energy companies is akin to the drowning of Welsh valleys and Victorian slate industries.

These developments are not being permitted in wealthy parts of England but the poorer Welsh communities must carry the burden.

Climate change should not be an excuse to cut out carbon storing peatland and pour millions of tonnes of concrete into the habitats of Curlews and other endangered flora and fauna.

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In North Wales, RWE, a giant German coal mining company propose to develop Gaerwen Wind Farm, which would result in ripping up ancient peatbog ( Mynydd Mynyllod ) which is the home to many endangered species and pour millions of tonnes of concrete. This is happening across Wales.

We recognise climate change is a threat to our planet but this is not an excuse to irreversibly damage habitats and wild welsh hilltops. When the Welsh people look back on these irreversible developments and those that were involved we believe they will compare them to the drowning of Welsh valleys and the destruction of mountains for their slate.

Energy companies see great profits in wind turbine farms and developments and are not building them for the good of mankind. They are building them to create share holder profits.

We will look back on these irreversible developments that have destroyed our mountains and ask why those in power didn’t stop the exploitation of our countryside. Those involved need to things about how they’re perceived historically.

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