Petition Prohibit politicians from accepting donations.

In light of recent controversy in both UK Gov and WG surrounding donations from individuals and businesses, we are calling on the WG to be the first to act and ban the practice of political donations. We are seeing more and more shady donations from places that are either trying to get WG support for something or trying to influence leadership campaigns and elections. By removing these financial contributions, all parties are on a level playing field when it comes to campaigning.

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The most recent of these is WG's new FM Vaughan Gething who has received a 200k donation from DEG after they received 400k loan from the Welsh-Government-owned Development Bank of Wales! He has also received 25k in donations from VEEZU who have come under scrutiny about its drivers’ practices.
He seems to think that this is OK. I’m telling you it is not. Any funds coming from the WG is public money. We pay our taxes for services to the public and not for businesses doing deals.
We are calling on the WG to finally put an end to this ugly practice and even the playing field for ALL parties to campaign fairly without financial skew. Parties have funds collected from member subscriptions etc., and it should be only those funds that finance campaigns.
Will the WG stand up and realise that this practice cannot go on any longer and that it needs to stop immediately?

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