Petition Reduce Members of the Senedd’s expenses bill

With the current financial situation faced by every family in Wales, I propose that as being a Member of the Senedd is their job, expenses claimed by Members of the Senedd should exclude expenses that every other household in Wales faces, so no more paying utility bills, council tax, rent or home improvements. Travelling expenses should only be to the value of the equivalent cost on public transport and any hotel stays should be paid at Travelodge rates.

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This capping of expenses would make the Members of the Senedd see what everyone else is going through and make them less willing to prioritise vanity projects and donations to lobby groups posing as charities and would give them a clue as to how the real world works.
This would also reduce the bill for the extra 36 members that the Senedd wants (but the public don't) and provide extra money for services this country requires.

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