Petition Urgently improve the safety of the A458, Middletown, Powys in light of continuous dangerous driving.

Following many crashes & the tragic death of a local resident on the A458, Middletown (outside Bank Farm), the Community Council & Local Councillor has called for urgent safety improvements on this stretch of road to help prevent dangerous overtaking where there are two hidden dips. A recent response from the Minister for Transport states "we don’t have any current plans for road safety improvements at this location". We cannot wait for another death. We urge the Welsh Government to act.

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Local residents, as well as many other members of the public who regularly travel this road, are upset and frustrated that nothing more is currently being considered by the Welsh Government to improve the safety of the road in this area. The Cabinet Secretary should attend a site meeting to further discuss the concerns.
In order to improve this stretch of road, urgent consideration needs to be given to providing the following:
• A permanent speed camera
• The double white ‘no overtaking’ lines extended in both directions
• The road resurfaced, specifically the red tarmacked areas.
• A flashing light that indicates a driver's speed and saying there should be ‘no overtaking’.
• A flashing light to highlight that there is a car in the hidden dip ahead.
As part of the road safety review, we would like the speed of the road to be taken into consideration and whether reducing the speed would help cease any future accidents.

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