Petition Establish a ‘Care Society’ to Tackle the Long COVID Crisis in Wales

Wales is grappling with escalating long-term illnesses from Long COVID in previously healthy children and working people.

In Wales, more than 12,000 have died with COVID [1, BBC]. As many as 300,000 are battling Long COVID [2, ONS].

-Families are losing income providers [3, Bylines]
-Hospitals under extreme pressure [4, Wales Online]
-School absences more than doubled [5, BBC]

By 2030, 1 in 3 could have Long COVID. We call for a ‘Care Society’ to safeguard our health and livelihoods.

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Components of ‘The Care Society’

1. Health
-Funding for Long COVID clinics and research

2. Economic Participation
-Workplace adjustments such as flexible hours, remote work, and discrimination protections
-A Universal Basic Income pilot, examining how financial support could empower people to contribute to society, regardless of health status

3. Infrastructure
-Enhance air quality in public buildings, including schools and hospitals
-Invest in green infrastructure to spur economic growth, including retraining for those transitioning from current roles due to Long COVID


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