Petition Ensure diagnosis and treatment for people suffering from adverse Covid-19 vaccine side effects

I suffer from Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Reaction. As a result, my life has changed beyond recognition. I struggle to do basic tasks, in constant pain and have become dependent on my family to care for me. In my experience, many health professionals do not acknowledge the symptoms and suffering caused by vaccine injury. I call for better awareness and an appropriate pathway for diagnosis and treatment for those experiencing such debilitating side effects.

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It is important to listen and acknowledge the devastating impact of adverse reactions to Covid vaccine that thousands have experienced. There needs to be more research into symptoms and illnesses that results from vaccination with improved diagnosis and treatment, specialist clinics or clinicians which can provide appropriate treatment.
Acknowledging people’s symptoms and the impact it has is important to people’s well-being and mental health. It is essential for people to be understood, rather than be dismissed. Diagnosis is important, not only in terms of identifying the most appropriate treatment, but also in enabling people to access other care and support and apply for financial compensation. Please support this petition to improve the health care received by all who have experienced such negative impact of having the Covid 19 vaccines.

There are support groups in the UK for those who have suffered either bereavement or adverse Covid 19 Vaccine side effects including:


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