Petition Give neighbours their say when holiday let owners start applying for licences

There are thousands of holiday lets in Wales. This means that many of us have suddenly found ourselves living near businesses instead of homes, and we’ve had no say in the matter.

The holiday let licensing scheme in Scotland allows neighbours to respond to licence applications: the neighbours’ responses may then be considered as potential grounds for refusing an application.

We want Welsh Government to include neighbour consultation in Wales’ holiday let licensing scheme too.

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As well as holiday let providers being able to demonstrate compliance with safety and quality requirements, we believe the licensing scheme in Wales should also address the issues faced by neighbours.

Legislation for a holiday let licensing scheme in Wales is expected to be introduced to the Senedd before the end of 2024, and we want Welsh Government to adopt The Scottish Government’s licensing scheme where:

1. neighbours are notified of new licence applications/renewals;
2. neighbours are allowed to raise objections/concerns in response to a licence application;
3. neighbour objections are considered as potential grounds for refusing a licence application.

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