Completed petition Routine Screening for Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Young People

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to introduce routine screening for Type 1 Diabetes in children and young people .

In January of this year we tragically lost our beloved 13-year-old grandson, Peter Baldwin, to Type 1 diabetes that had been undetected until it was too late to save him. Peter was a well-loved and highly respected pupil at Whitchurch High School in Cardiff where he is greatly missed but for his family the hurt is unimaginable.

Our daughter Beth was recently presented with an award from The Pride of Britain for her fundraising efforts and for raising awareness of this terrible illness but with your help, and that of your friends and family we can really make a difference.

Please spare a couple of minutes to sign our petition calling on the Welsh Government to introduce a screening programme and to raise the profile of the need to check for Type 1 Diabetes in anyone presented to a health care professional with unexplained flu-like symptoms or general feeling of being unwell. The test involved is merely a finger prick or urine sample and takes less time than you have spent reading this paragraph; it also only costs pennies. It is our intention to make this test as routine within GP surgeries and clinics as temperature and blood pressure checks presently are.

Your signature on this petition really could help save lives and prevent further terrible loss within families.

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The ideal standard would be for screening of all youngsters in order to catch this stealthy condition in the early stages. Many parts of the world are seeing the benefit of this screening and are now introducing it, the most recent being North Carolina in the U.S. Below is a link to the North Carolina implementation.

The devolved Scottish Parliament is ahead of the rest of the U.K. and is already committed to debate the issue and appear very likely to implement screening. We want this for our children in Wales and are calling on the Welsh Government to introduce screening at the earliest opportunity.


(now give yourself a pat on the back, you may have saved a child's life)

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