Completed petition Widen the A470 from Pontypridd to Coryton to 3 Lanes

We call for the Welsh Assembly to invest into one of the major artery roads into the capital by widening the existing duel carriageway into a 3 three lane road from Pontypridd to Coryton interchange.

The existing road suffers with high levels of congestion on weekday mornings and evenings which is causing misery for motorists travelling to/from the Valleys to the the city. It is believed this is a key limiting factor effecting the prosperity of the people and businesses of Cardiff, as well as the Rhondda, Caerphilly, Merthyr and Rhymney Valleys who rely on good road links with the M4 and the city.

From Pontypridd southbound the road is particularly conjested due to several factors which include the build up of traffic queueing to join on to the M4 at Coryton and the large number of cars joining existing traffic from Merthyr and Aberdare at Pontypridd, Upper Boat, Nantgarw and Tongwynl, all bringing traffic from the Rhondda and Caerphilly Valleys meaning the road struggles to cope., all bringing traffic from the Rhondda and Caerphilly Valleys meaning the road struggles to cope.

From Coryton Northbound the road is slightly better, however the high volume of joining traffic from the M4 causes confusion and hesitation for road users at Coryton. The road then continues to be congested and slow until it reaches Pontypridd until lots of traffic have taken exits at various slip roads. When slip roads themselves are congested (such as at Nantgarw and Upperboat) the flow of traffic is exceptionally slow.

While no data is available at present it can be hypothesised that the financial cost benefit ratio of this investment in the regions' infrastructure is positive and we hope at the very least the government consider the proposal seriously.

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