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Mental Illness is an issue that has always been heavily stigmatised within society. The words 'Crazy', 'Nutjob', 'Insane' have become a normalised word to use when describing somebody hyper, and worse yet, to describe an individual having a psychiatric episode.

In October 2015, Plaid Ifanc Llanelli chair and Secretary Brett John and Ffion Rees proposed a motion to conference to introduce mental health education in Secondary schools. It passed with flying colours. However, we do not wish to stop there. We believe that by bringing in Mental Health education, we can tackle the stigma attached to Mental Illnesses before it has even properly begun within Secondary students. It will teach students a variety of lessons, such as how it is okay to not be okay, why Mental Illnesses develop, and the help that is available if they are suffering.

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That is why we are asking the Welsh Assembly Government to introduce compulsory Mental Health education into Secondary schools. Only by beginning the conversation early on can we prevent the stigma attached to Mental Health from developing in our young people.

The young people of today are our future, we must ensure that by providing them with an education on Mental Health and Well-being they never view it as a negative thing. We can and will eventually abolish the stigma, however the conversation to begin this process in our young people starts now.

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