Completed petition A Treatment Fund for Wales - there must be an end to the Healthcare Postcode Lottery

One of the greatest creations to come out of Wales was the National Health Service. It is one of our most valuable assets and we must hold on to it. At present, we are in the desperate situation where treatment for costly, life-saving drug treatments is not fairly or evenly distributed throughout Wales. Patients with a desperate need for live-saving drugs are being denied the treatments that they so urgently require by their Local Health Boards, with grave consequences to their health and life expectancy. I am calling on the Welsh Government to review their procedures in relation to the sanctioning of high-cost drug treatments with immediate effect. I further call on the Welsh Government to assess each patient and each patient's needs on a case-by-case basis as the current requirement for all funded drug treatments to appear on a list of 'Approved Drugs' is too narrow and prevents patients from accessing treatments which are not yet on the list but which Consultants say will have a positive impact on a Patient's long-term health and life- expectancy.

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